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An incredible way to make money

Our customers can participate directly in the foreign exchange process through our peer to peer platform. Our product is based on the sharing-economy model similar to Uber and Airbnb. Instead of sharing space in the car or home, our customers can employ some of their excess cash to satisfy demand for a particular currency, and earn a small commission from each transaction.

Our multi-currency Card is a re-loadable stored value card

The card is linked directly to your BANEKS account and you can pull or push the desired currency from/to the card easily via our website or mobile app. The card can be used the same way as normal credit/debit card wherever UnionPay is accepted.

Free Your Money And Make More

Do you know how much you are ripped off by the banks when using credits card in foreign currencies,or sending money across border?we are here to help you to save 80% of what the banks charge you

What We Do ?

The best option of Foreign Exchange and Cross Border Remittance

  • If you want to transfer fund to your friends in other countries
  • If you do not have time to go to the bank branch
  • If you want to get more money than what the banks can give you

Please download the BANEKS app and get the best and farest exchange rate in this planet with one click:

Who We Are

The Leading Shared Currency Platform


An incredible way to make money

How Bankers make money


  • BANEKS will help the Bankers to change the currency with the users at fair exchange rate (middle market price)
  • Banker will charge transaction fee to the users for each transaction
  • Banker will get multiple times of transaction fees with the same principle(currency) they share in BANEKS platform




Licensed Business

Money Service license registered in both USA and Canada. Registration Number: 31000136931793(US)/M18578145(CA).



We use the blockchain technology to backup all the transaction data to ensure the security of fund.

Smart Match

AI Engine

All the user requests will be matched by the AI engine to ensure to complete the transaction within seconds.

Fair Exchange Rate

No Hidden Fees

The user has its own discretion to determine the exchange rate. The BANEKS will try its best to complete the transaction with the best available rate.



USD and CAD are available now. EURO, GBP, AUD, JPY and other major currencies will be supported in 2019

Amount Limit of Transaction

There is no amount limit for each transaction

Time to Withdraw

The fund will be available to the user's bank account in the same day if the bank is RBC, TD-Trust Canada, BMO, CIBC. For other bank accounts, it will take a few days for the fund to be available .

Transaction Cancellation

All transactions can be cancelled before the transaction is completed. No fee will be charged if the transaction is cancelled.


BANEKS is a very interesting project,We are a team full of imaginations.We sincerely welcome you to be part of us.