Easily Exchange Canadian Currency (CAD) for Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Low-fee rates paid direct to WeChat or AliPay

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Baneks is a Peer-to-Peer Currency Exchange

Peer-to-peer currency exchange is a new and revolutionary type of currency exchange marketplace, where individuals can easily and quickly exchange Canadian dollars for Chinese Yuan at more favourable rates than those offered by traditional banks and other financial establishments.


All payments go through Baneks to make sure your funds are safe.


Our rates are up to 80% lower than banks and there are no fees.


Exchange you currencies wherever you are. No need to travel to a bank and wait in line.


Receive your money directly to your WeChat Pay or Alipay account.

What Our Customers Say?

Great! It is really convenient! I will exchange more money next time.
Lei Zhang
The fees are really low and I hope more people can use this because it saved me a lot of money.
Qiang Lee